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Food from the Farm: Marrow

Dear friends and local food eaters,

Have you ever eaten hot roasted beef bone marrow, perfectly salted and spread on toast (preferably a homemade or locally handmade sourdough loaf)? This is such a simple pleasure, peasant food really, that is amazingly delicious and very nutrient dense.

My kids absolutely adore marrow toast, and get so excited when we have it. They actually beg us to make it.

Here is Leila, spreading her own:

The process could not be simpler.

Typically, the beef marrow bones come cut to 2-4 inch lengths, to make it easy for roasting and scraping out the good stuff.

Just spread them out on a baking sheet, and pop them in a hot oven, ~415.

After about 40 minutes, they are nicely browned and oozing bubbling tallow (beef fat), with the gelatinous marrow soft and browned.

At this point, let cool a bit, and then scrape out with a knife or small spoon. This is ideal on toast so you can really taste it, but we have also eaten it on sliced radishes or turnips when in a more grain free phase. I've fed it to babies by the spoonful, as a first food.

Sprinkle with salt, and enjoy!

Hopefully your kids won't eat all of it before you can have seconds ; )


We've just added bones and organs (separate options) to our Meat CSA member store. This means that you can add a few pounds of bones or organs to a single delivery to try them out or stock your freezer.

If you feel curious, go ahead and give the stock making, marrow, or liver a try.

Thanks as always for supporting local foods!


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