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Committed to Good Food and Sustainable Agriculture

Pasture-Raised & Non-GMO

North Mountain Pastures is a small family farm dedicated to producing great food using ecologically sound production practices. We farm on 84 acres in Perry County, Pennsylvania, in a way that heals the land, nourishes people, and treats animals with respect. This means animals are naturally raised outdoors, on grass or in carefully managed woodlots, and fed only non-GMO grain. We don’t use hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals to medicate livestock. 


The Meat CSA is how we sell pastured pork, pastured turkey, and grassfed lamb and beef, as well as artisan all natural cured meats in central Pennsylvania and the Washington, D.C. area.  

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a pre-order system used by farmers to sell farm products directly to consumers. The concept of CSA is that it is a win-win situation for farmers and consumers because both benefit in times of plenty and share the harvest in times of poor weather or other natural setbacks on the farm, which supports small, diversified, sustainable family farming. 


North Mountain Pastures Meat CSA delivers packages of frozen pastured organically raised meats of your choice every month to a site near you. 

How Does it Work?


The Meat CSA is a subscription service in which you are guaranteed to receive the exact amount of meat that you pay for. 

Meat CSA members receive a bag of frozen mixed meats once a month at a delivery site near you.  You can join at any time, cancel at any time, switch share types or delivery locations whenever you want, and put your account on hold any time.


Pastured &Woodlot Pork

What You Get with the Meat CSA
Choice of Meat Types
Choice of Size
6 to 16+ 
pounds of meat per month
Choice of Add-Ons
- extra grassfed ground beef
-6 types of artisinal sausage
- Bacon 
Home Delivery
Get your pastured meat order right on your doorstep, once a month!


Our farm practices use local inputs and generate little waste.  The way livestock are managed constantly improves the soil quality and water holding capacity. There are no antibiotic residues, GMOs, or other environmental pollutants. We take steps towards a long term goal of low reliance on fossil fuel power for production and delivery. Visit us for one of our open farm days or schedule a farm visit to see how we work on the land in person.

North Mountain Pastures

Is a small farm with a big vision.

We work hard every day because we care deeply about community, the environment, and vibrant health. We see this farm as what we can do in our little corner to impact the world for the better.



Individuals and families benefit from knowing where their food comes from and trusting in the integrity of the farmers who grow it. The local community is connected and enriched by supporting local businesses. These small actions help to move the organic food movement towards ever-increasing quality, affordability, regional abundance, and food security. Engage with us through social media, or come for a visit to the farm!



Highest quality to us means both taste and nutrition. The end goal of improving soil health and raising healthy animals allowed to express their natural tendencies is to produce food that supports vibrant human health - food that is delicious, nutrient-dense, practical to prepare, and free of toxins. Share your favorite recipes with us and we'll post them.

Our Mission: 

Highest Quality

We intend to help more people eat good, healthy food.  

We believe the way to do this is to provide meat from animals raised on pasture.  Pasturing animals enables them to express their natural behaviors, and leads to healthier, better tasting meat, with more nutrients and a better fatty acid profile.  None of our animals are fed GMOs, antibiotics or hormones. 

We intend to help change the food system into one that is better for the planet, farmers, and consumers.

We dream of a marketplace in which farmers receive fair wages and consumers receive high quality taste and nutrition, promoting healthy humans who can also reach their full potential. We don't believe in gimmicky marketing - we aim for transparency in our practices for the purpose of public education. Farming should not be hidden from public view.

We host farm visiting days twice a year for you to meet your farmers, observe animals firsthand, and ask questions about land management, animal husbandry, and meat processing.

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

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