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All About Pork: Part 3

Dear friends and customers of North Mountain Pastures,

This is the last of our 3 part email series sharing links of why it is super important to source your pork locally and pasture-raised.

We know that you local food eaters know this stuff already, and sourcing high quality and direct from the farm is already routine for you. But again, if you aren't quite sure, we're hoping that these links will give you helpful information.

Paleo diet experts Robb Wolf and Diana Rodgers share their top 5 reasons for switching to pastured pork. This article keeps it simple with photos from Diana's own small organic farm (no horror story factory farm images in this one!)

Her top 5 reasons are: Taste, nutrition, animal welfare, environment, and society. Hmmm... that sounds familiar! Those are the same principles that we’ve discussed in the past week, and the very same as North Mountain Pastures mission. Feeding people well while benefiting the greater environment and society is what gives purpose to our farming and why work hard every day.

With these expert opinions in mind, please consider-

Where does your food come from?

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