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News from the Farm: Guess what poultry are grazing our pastures...

Good morning friends and local food eaters,

Along with tons of ragweed, lovely cooling temperatures, and endless soccer, what does this time of year mean on the farm?

Turkeys are here!!!

We really enjoy raising turkeys. They graze grass and weeds down like sheep, they are hardy and grow well on pasture, and they chase and eat bugs of all kinds, often fighting over juicy grasshoppers.

This year, we have 300 birds on pasture, so we will have plenty to offer. These will be available for preorder starting October 1.

Sold fresh just before Thanksgiving, of course we'll want one for the holiday feast. But it might not be a bad idea to order an extra to eat later in the year if you have the freezer space! We will be breaking some down into smoked turkey breast, turkey sausage, ground turkey, and other turkey pieces as part of the Meat CSA in December and beyond.

In other farm news, don't miss this year's Farm Visiting Day -

10 Year Anniversary Farm Visiting Day - September 28

All are welcome - members and non members alike - to join us on Saturday, September 28 from 3-7.

e will have a pig roast as usual, along with beverages available. Please bring a dish to share for the pig roast potluck feast. There will be live music, a farm tour, and our popular all ages, all levels highland games competition with meat prizes for the winners!

We hope you can join us to hang out and enjoy the early fall beauty on the farm.

There are tons of cute ducklings around right now:

Hope to see you there!

Thanks as always for supporting local foods,

~Brooks and Anna

P.S. Did you know? If you haven't been a member in a while - whether it's been years or just one month -you get a free package of sausage of your choice when you re-join.

Learn more about The Meat CSA

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