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News from the Farm: Hot and Dry, thank heavens for rain!

Dear Friends of North Mountain Pastures,

We can’t tell you how we relieved we are to have gotten rain in the past week. It was much needed, and we are thankful. After an accidental pasture burn the week before,

The very next day, both wells went dry due to heavy but routine water usage for butchering chickens. Our nerves were a little fried along with the pasture. Not to mention how parched we all felt!

Here in central PA, we do get drought periods, and weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Thankfully, we are still in a gentler climate than places out west where fires and dry spells are truly life and death. We felt a taste of it, and now feel especially grateful for the return of our typical humidity.

CSA membership spots available

It is now August already, hard to believe the summer is flying by yet again. For those of you who have been travelling and not sure if you should sign up for the CSA, let us reassure you again that you will never miss a share that you have paid for. You will be able to pick it up when you get back, or receive double the next month.

You may sign up for the CSA any time, as we prorate the share prices every month. Fall is a great time to try the CSA if you’re new to the idea, or would like to suggest it to your friends. You can sign up for just the last 2 or 3 months (Sept-Nov) with less commitment, as a sort of trial period. Send us any questions or feedback you may have!

Recipe: Anna’s German Potato Salad

The beauty of this particular potato salad is that it is totally allergy free and paleo diet friendly. For those of you who have events to go to or host in which people have dairy, gluten, soy, egg, etc. sensitivities, it can be hard to know what to serve. This version came to me while Brooks and I were doing a short grain-free/everything-free digestive cleanse (couldn’t even have vinegar!), but we love it and I would make it any time.

Ingredients (to serve 6 with leftovers) 10 medium sized potatoes (red skinned work well, but any kind are fine) 5 or more slices cooked bacon ¼ cup or more leftover bacon grease and/or lard Approx. 2 T or more Lemon juice (or vinegar of your liking) to taste 3 stalks celery 1 small-medium onion Handful of fresh parsley and dill (or other fresh herbs you have on hand, I made it with cilantro once and that was good!) Salt and pepper to taste

Boil the potatoes, either halved or whole until soft (about 20 minutes). Drain the water, and put the potatoes in the fridge to cool. I do this part while making breakfast. Later, take the potatoes out and slip the skins off. I like to do this in a quick way that removes some of the bigger chunks, but leaves a little skin on. Chop the potatoes into quarter size chunks, and put these into a bowl. Dice the onion and celery very finely and add to the potatoes. Finely chop and add your fresh green herbs. Parsley and dill are the best, but a bit of basil or cilantro or oregano if you like it would also be good. Any leftover cooked bacon would work, chopped up, honestly the more the better, but even a few slices would be delicious. Season well with salt and pepper; potatoes take a lot of salt. Then drizzle on your leftover bacon grease or melted lard to suit your eye or taste; this household likes our food high in fat :). Follow with the lemon juice/ vinegar to taste. Adjust your salt and pepper and lemon juice to taste, and stir it all up. This is better after sitting for a few hours or the next day. Enjoy!


Sign up for the CSA now July-November deliveries coming to your area now!

p.s. If you have any questions about what share type or size would be right for your family, or any other questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email!

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