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What is Carbon Sequestration?

I've mentioned the words "regenerative agriculture" recently, without a full explanation. It is touted as the latest, greatest, beyond organic, ultimate eco sustainable type of agriculture. But why? What does it mean? What's the difference between that and other forms of agriculture? The answer to these questions could be a book, and I highly recommend the Kiss the Ground book (soon to be a documentary) for a fascinating and readable overview. I plan to dive more into this topic in the coming months and explore some aspects of what regenerative agriculture is and why it matters. But if you have 4 minutes now, you can learn the basics by watching this cool video:

The Soil Story, a short animated video by the Kiss the Ground Foundation. This is a quick, clear, and to the point explanation of what carbon sequestration is, and why it matters so much!

Lauren Tucker from Kiss the Ground says in an interview on the Sustainable Dish podcast,

"We really need consumers to participate.

Every time we purchase something we're voting for a type of farming system whether we're connected to that idea or not.

We have a farming system that is in many ways degrading our soil, degrading our environment, and we're purchasing that food. So as a consumer I think that we all have some sort of responsibility for starting to understand our purchases, and what type of system they're supporting." We are all consumers, and it us up to all of us to participate in regenerating the health of our agricultural systems and our world.

~Brooks & Anna

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